Jizzakh Regional Branch of the National Agency for Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established on August 15, 2018 and is located in Jizzakh.

The purpose of establishment and activity of the Agency Branch is to achieve the objectives and to perform the functions assigned to the National Agency for Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the territory of Jizzakh region.

The main objectives of the Branch are:

  • increasing in efficiency and transparency of development and implementation of the state and regional programs, as well as investment projects within the territory of Jizzakh region;
  • providing assistance in high-quality and timely implementation of the projects subject to identify unprofitable and low-efficiency projects;
  • conducting a comprehensive technical and economic analysis of the projects, including those ones being implemented, to identify the elements of corruption and other irregularities if any;
  • monitoring and control over an adequate application of the legislation on public procurement;
  • introducing modern information and communication technologies by the public authorities and other organizations, ensuring the functioning of a Unified Nationwide Information System for Project Management;
  • assisting in accreditation and inspection control of conformance evaluation bodies, metrological services, test and calibration laboratories, as well as other organizations;
  • assisting in training and professional development of the personnel in the field of project management;
  • improving the investment climate and coordination of the state authority activities in the field of further rating promotion of the Republic of Uzbekistan in a report “Business operations”;
  • contributing to a favorable business environment for business dealing, strengthening guarantees of the rights of business entities, developing corporate governance, active attracting foreign investments and providing comprehensive support to investors;
  • an effective interacting with the territorial bodies of public authorities and administration, as well as with the law enforcement bodies.

The Agency Branch coordinates activities of Jizzakh regional branches:

  • Republican Graduate School of Business and Management
  • LLC «Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center».

Branch Director: Eduard Klimentyevich Khen

Address: 130100, Jizzakh , 77 Sh. Rashidov str.

Phone: 72 226-16-63

E-mail: jizzaxnapm@exat.uz; jizzaxinfo@napm.uz

State Unitary Enterprise e-Government and Digital Economy Project Management Center

According to Presidential Decree No. DP-5624, dated January 10, 2019, the "e-Government and Digital Economy Project Management Center" was established under the National Agency for Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.