UZINFOCOM Launches «Digital farm» Mobile Application

UZINFOCOM Launches «Digital farm» Mobile Application

UZINFOCOM, a single integrator for the creation and support of state information systems, is launching the «Digital farm» mobile application, which will allow farmers to remotely receive recommendations on caring for agricultural crops and soil.

The application is based on artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzes the data downloaded by the farmer and provides information about the status of the plants. AI allows timely detect negative factors and gives advice on their prompt elimination, allowing farmers to better react to changes in health of plants, analyze the status of the soil and solve problems with the recommendations received.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive: to get a recommendation, it is enough for the farmer to take photo of the crop damage by pests or the abnormal condition of the soil and send a photo describing the problem through the application. Next, a chat is created with the Telegram bot for operational communication, where an answer – recommendation arrives within 24 hours. At the initial stage, the recommendations of the AI ​​will be monitored by domestic and foreign experts to help the system develop the database as quickly as possible for prompt and correct response to incoming requests.

In the future, due to AI self-training with each new request, the application will send answers with recommendations faster and better, and the database accumulated by the system will allow to analyze agricultural trends and online provide farmers with practical advices.

The application is under testing and will soon be available for download on the Play Market. According to preliminary calculations, this approach will increase productivity by 15-20% by eliminating the most gross and typical mistakes of farmers.

For reference: Uzbekistan has more than 67,800 farms that grow 12.7 million tons of vegetables and 2.7 million tons of fruits. The growth in agricultural production is 6.6% per year.

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State Unitary Enterprise e-Government and Digital Economy Project Management Center

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